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  Date: 01.06.2017
From: pavel
We are currently working on a new feature called "State decisions". It is basically a list of actions available to the player that could help him to steer the matters in his empire/ state.
There is already a list of state decisions, however we would be happy to add/change them if anyone has a good idea.

Any suggestion should have two parts:
  1. Description of the real state decision which was happening in Ancient world.
  2. Consequences how should this state decision affect the state.
I attach two examples of state decisions we will introduce:
  • Confiscation of property of aristocracy - gives player some resources (gold), but it most likely angers part of the population.
  • Army decimation - extreme punishments in the army (physical punishment or even death to discouraged deserters) - increases the morale of the army, but it negatively affects its strength.
Do you have any new idea? Please share it with us here.
  Date: 01.06.2017
From: Total anihilation
Total destruction of the enemy civilisation like Carthage
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