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Fórum \ Opinions and helping developers \ Slaves/Trading Population  

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  Date: 17.09.2018
From: Dale
 I have a suggestion. In the game trading population makes the general happiness inside the empire go down. Is this completely historically? Let's take for example 70 CE when the Romans took over Jerusalem. Many people in Jerusalem were killed and some survived. Those who survived were sold into slavery. Would that make a Roman citizen sad if a Jewish person was sold into slavery? Absolutely not! The happiness of that rebel who is now under the control if the Romans doesn't effect the happiness of the Roman citizen in Rome or Veii. There should be a option to trade/gift slaves i.e. unloyal population to other empires in the game. That way the player gets rid of disloyal population, makes a profit, and helps his empire run better but takes the penalty of it developing slower. To me that's what expansion was all about. Capturing slaves to work your fields and mines to feed your armies and supply them with weapons. Business is business.
  Date: 17.09.2018
From: pavel
Hi Dale,
thank you for the suggestion. You have a point. We already have some ideas how to address this and we might later add this to the game:)
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