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Project goals  

Why another strategy

The goal of this project is to offer a new alternative for players of turn based strategy games. At this time there are not many choices when someone wants to play proper turn based strategy game. World is led by RTS (real time strategy) and of course RPG (role-playing game). The market does offer only few turn based strategy. We think, that this is a shame, because these games can appertained to those ones, which improve fantasy, reasoning, historical and demographical wisdom and indeed are very catching (they are known as "last turn and I go to bed" games).
These are the reasons why we want to fill this market gap and offer you this full-featured 3D strategy game for free.

Game type

Despite we announced in the previous paragraph, that this game will be turn based strategy, it is not entirely true. In the version v1.0, we will introduce this game as a turn based strategy, however our plan is to extend it in the next version by not well-known game playing approach called "Simultaneously-executed and clock-based" turn based strategy. There are not so many games like these at the moment. It is a shame, because this concept is created for network playing in mind. In principle, the game works in a different way than in usual Turn based strategy - player doesn’t move his units and he doesn’t make changes in his country. Instead of this he plans.. He plans what to do in the next period (year, month, etc...), plan how units should move and what changes in the country should be done in the next period. This is done by all players in the same time. When this is finished (there is time limit), all these planned moves are executed in parallel. Indeed the conflicts happen during the executing and .if one happens (two units want to move on the same tile, etc...), there are two ways how it is solved. The first way is an interruption, when player has the ability to decide what to do in such a situation. This is available only in unusual situations. The second is conflict auto-resolving. During planning user sets how unit should behave when conflict occurs. When it happens, this preset behaviour is executed.
This is a different approach of playing in the turn based strategy world. It definitely is worth to try this and we believe you can like this way of playing.

System requirements

Product is currently available only on Windows system platform. It is likely, that it will be ported to other platforms like Linux or XBox in the future, however we currently focus on the delivery of the full-featured game on one system first. When this goal is reached, we have in plan to introduce this game on other platforms as well.
System requirements are not specified yet, however we expect, that it will run on any PCs with graphic card with 256MB memory plus.


Project itself is written in .NET Framework 3.5, uses 3D engine Mogre with gui Miyagi. We use resources under public domain only like sounds and 3D models. All the other resources are created in Kubat Software lab.