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Project timeline  

We currently donít consider this product as a flagship of our company. There are at this time more important projects which have priority. Therefore the project timeline depends not only on our workload, but on our leisure time and developers' workload as well.

Despite this fact, we have tried to create and abide with some kind of timeline. The timeline specifies when each version of the project should be delivered. . We will keep trying to abide with this timeline and present our progress on these pages.

Versioning has been chosen this way:
  • v0.5 - Game GUI - editor, units, buildings, terrain and other parts are finished. Business logic is in the "finished" state (no other features will be added till version v1.0), game should be playable - i.e. players should be able to play the game on the same machine. In this moment there is no AI or network playing possibilities.
  • v0.6 - Network layer is created, so the game can be played on local network or via Internet.
  • v0.7 - AI (artificial intelligence) is created. Game can now be played with the unlimited number of computer players (and of course with other human players on the same or remote machines).
  • v0.8 - Sounds and animations are added.
  • v0.9 - Code refactoring and bug fixing (full game testing).
  • v1.0 - First fully-functional version.
From the other goals of this project we would especially like to point out the incorporation of "Simultaneously-executed and clock-based" game approach, where you don't have to play like "I-go, You-go" but "We plan, we moveĒ. It is a different approach of turn based strategy and indeed more suitable for network playing.

There is a deadline for each version. These deadlines could be changed (depends on the company workload), however we have succeed in most of the previous game's deadlines.
  • v0.5 - end of June - beginning of July 2010
  • v0.6 - middle of August 2010
  • v0.7 - end of September 2010
  • v0.8 - end of October 2010
  • v0.9 - middle of December 2010
  • v1.0 - beginning of January 2011

As you can see, the first official version should be available in the beginning of 2011. This is still many months ahead, so you will be able to download and play the predecessors of the full version. Since version v0.7 the game will be available on these pages for downloading, so you can try it and even play it. We will be grateful for any suggestions, advices, testing, bug reporting and new scenarios creation.

For players interested in playing even earlier versions of game, version v0.5 and v0.6 will be available on request as well.