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Before you dive into the world of Aggressors, you need to choose what scenario you would like to play. What exactly is game scenario? It is not only the map itself as you probably think of it. Every scenario can have a unique set of properties, which can change the principle of the game. You can set properties like:
  • Unit types
  • Building types
  • State system types
  • Players
  • Units
  • Building
  • Resources
  • Map
  • Time properties
This list can spread out during an implementation of the game in the near future and it will be possible to define other properties like improving units and buildings, state system impact, politics, etc...The game is design with maximal configuring of the rules in mind; therefore one scenario can have completely different rules than the other one.

Built-in scenarios

In this moment you can try one of three created scenarios. All three are dated into the first part of the twentieth century to Second World War but from the different views. If you want to try something else, you can use our scenario generator, which will create a new world according your wishes.

War in Europe

Scenario with a map or Europe and close Asian and African countries. A large number of players tries to truly simulate the fractionalism of Europe in that time. It is possible to derive benefit (and use this) fractionalism, make political jinks between countries and become a leader of Europe. You can play this game not only as one of big players like Germany, France, England, Russia, but as smaller and pigmy countries like Czechoslovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia or city state Gdansk as well. It is 1938 and the war is just about to begin. Germany pulls its pounces and looks behind its borders. European defence pacts are not too strong and most of the countries prefer nationalism politics.

Second World War

Scenario with the map of the whole world. Europe seems to be a dangerous part of the world, Japanese leads an imperial war in Asia and Pacific. The world is huge and war affects directly or indirectly every part of it. 36 different nations provide enough space to do many political jinks and pacts. World seems to be easily breakable when you see how quickly can the political map change. Wars for resources are essential part of this scenario, because its lack leads into state weakness and impossibility of growing up. You can play this scenario not only as a main protagonists of the war, but you can try, what the other smaller or not well advanced countries could do in their situation. What about Mongolia, New Zealand, Iran or mountainous Chile? We find ourselves in 1939, just before Poland was assault. German armies already plunder Czechoslovakia. Japanese fights against China, which is on the brink of civil war. Bite into this age, which affected and affects the history of the whole world.

Japanese expansion

Scenario with a map of Far East, Pacific, north part of Australia and east cost of America. All the main players, which affected the war in this area, are present. It is only up to you, how the next evolvement will look like. Compared to both previous scenarios, this has smaller number of players, which is balanced by big areas of each country. Because of this, the war for French Indochina can turn up to endless hell, the same as few decades later for USA in Vietnam. Japanese constantly wrestles with the lack of raw materials and dependency on its potential enemies and targets. Beautiful atmosphere of this scenario is increased by archipelagos of Malaysia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Scenario contains the feeling of upcoming wars of independent of existing colonies like India and Indonesia.