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If you would like to support our effort, donate or simply help, we would like to thank you in advance and offer few ways how you can help us.

Link propagation

Your interest in the help is appreciated on its own. If you have the ability to "propagate" it further - by social networks, links or simply inform your friends, then with every new "fan" you allow us to turn to the development more and more. 
If you would like to show your interest worldwide, we created some small static banners, which you can put into your web pages. Currently we have three different banners:
Big banner
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Middle sized banner
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Small banner
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Financial contribution

If you would like to support our development and send us a donation, we really appreciate this kind of help. The help this way is really good and you show us your appreciation. It is possible to donate via:


You can use PayPal to donate this product.

Transfer donation to account

It is possible to send us a donation via bank transfer on account IBAN CZ4355000000002631061001 (SWIFT RZBCCZPP)


If you are interested not only in a small donation but in the whole project sponsorship, we are happy to intimate you with a detailed project description, its goals and further plans. It is possible to display your company logo or name during the initial game intro or on these pages.
For example if you have a software company running a game business, it could be useful to promote your company by an ad in this game.
We thank you for your help in any forms. We appreciate it and we will try to show you our appreciation in the product itself!